Keynote at ICT conference: Have a little faith in me

I have been invited to be a keynote speaker as part of a panel at an international technology conference which is held in different parts of the world and is being held in Amsterdam this year: I am honored to be part of an impressive panel. The topic of the Panel is "Have a little faith in me: What part does trust play in the information society? Description of the Panel Topic: Do you trust civil servants? As a politician? As a citizen? Do you trust citizens? As a politician? As a civil servant? Now that technology levels society where information is accessible to everyone and power shifts to the individual, a paradigm shift is needed from power over to power with, from distrust to trust and from closed to open/transparent. What will happen if people are truly empowered to lead from any chair? What is the balance between trust and control? And what is the new equilibrium in the roles of government and society? In other words: 'a little faith in me' might mean the world to society! - Jeyanthy Siva (