Oct 2016: Supporting the transitional justice process in Nepal

Hello everyone, I want to share and celebrate with you the 5 day training that we did in late Sept on psycho-social and restorative aspects of interviewing / investigation to members of the Commissions set up by the Nepali government to address cases of people who were disappeared during their internal conflict. Also had officers working on human rights, women's rights, etc., A capacity building training to support officers of the commissions in carrying out their duties, incorporating healing and reconciliation along with the truth finding and investigations of war time atrocities.

Training included principles of Nonviolent Communication (applied in context of emphatic listening, staying grounded and compassionate and skills for interviewing victims of war, families of disappeared persons, victims of gender based violence, etc), Also aspects of Healing and Reconciliation (breaking out of the cycle violence) and Restorative practices to deal with past pain.


Co-trainer (Duke Duchscherer) and myself focused the training on making it relevant for the participants contexts and prioritized self care/self empathy skills for the officers, emphatic listening and how to seamlessly weave that into fact finding investigative interviewing, how to support each other before and after the interview process, understanding the cycle of violence model and how to break out of it and move their communities towards reconciliation and re-building of their society. I am moved by their commitment and heart and am touched to asked to be part of their journey.